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Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting requires vast professional experience as an interpreter, as well as accurate preparation to get acquainted with the matters to be discussed, for example, at a cultural event, congress, work meeting, or a videoconference.

We are working together with a large number of contributors in order to select the most suitable interpreter for your event.

We currently offer services in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Persian (Farsi). As we expand our number of interpreters, we may also provide interpreting services in other languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Two interpreters working inside a translation booth provide simultaneous interpreting services, while the participants of the event use a radio device with an earplug in order to listen to the translation. The service is provided simultaneously, that is, in real time.

The presence of two interpreters is essential, since it involves a work that demands a high level of concentration and interpreters need to take turns during an event.

The equipment can be leased from specialized companies.

The quotation for the simultaneous interpreting service includes the fees for two interpreters. The equipment needs to be leased separately. Events held outside the State of Sao Paulo include travel and accommodation expenses.

Consecutive Interpreting

Only one interpreter provides consecutive interpreting services. This kind of interpreting service is more appropriate for small events, in which the interpreter listens to a whole sentence and then translates it into another language.

Consecutive interpreting services do not require any equipment.

Fees are calculated according to the event. Events held outside the State of Sao Paulo include travel and accommodation expenses.